Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Get Golf Swing Help for your Golf Game

Hello and Welcome to my Blogger Blog.

I have started this blog to help me play better golf by documenting what I have been doing. But I have then decided that I needed an independent blog for all the things I needed to say.

So, this blog is being used to direct people to my personal blog where you can get more info about improving your golf swing and your golf scores with my golf swing tips.

Just a little information, when you get to my home blog, you will see the latest blog has been posted. First thing you should do is to "BookMark" my blog so that you can come back to it easily and read my updated blog posts. Currently I have 41 posts and growing daily. You should also go back to the beginning and work your way forward to see what progress was made and how.

That blog has all of my information about my slide from being a great golfer to a hack. You probably have a similar story and thought you were the only one. But alas, no, there are many of us that are very bad golfers and a few that are trying to get better.

So that is my goal. To help you and me get better at posting good golf scores. I want to be the best golfer in my leagues which will be a difficult challenge but I think I am up for it are you?

Then you have three challenges; one is to follow my posts, sometimes times I wander and get off the path to helping us get better golf swing scores but I hope you will hang in there with me as I tell my story in my way, second I want you to try and use these golf swing tips for better golf when I find something that really works and finally it will require you to practice to get better and play more golf which will cost you more money.

I will be the experimenter and you will see the results. When we are satisfied that the results are good for me and you, then I will recommend that you try whatever it is that has helped me. In many instances it will take practice, maybe as much as two hours per day but most can be done at home and for free.

I would hope that you will work at them. I will recommend as many free things as I can but there may be instances when you will have to pay for them. In some of these instances, there may be an opportunity for me to make a few dollars from your purchase, so I hope you don't mind. But I will never recommend anything that will not help and only those that will benefit you more than me.

So please go to my home blog at http://bit.ly/dagd7V.

Thanks and here is good luck to us both.

Lou Martiniano

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