Monday, October 25, 2010

The Perfect Golf Swing Tips

You are in Luck.

I am here to tell you all about my great golf scores.

For the past 12 years, I have been a mostly a non-golfer. Then last year I decided to play in a golf league as a sub. The guys were fun to play with but most only put up with my game as I had a high average and would help them win more point then they lost.

So as a result of my playing with these guys, I had fun but my golf scores sucked. So after the season ended, I put my golf stuff away for the winter.

Over the winter I decided I wanted to play more golf the next season and get a better golf swing. I bought a couple of "Get a Better Golf Swing" ebooks with videos.

I have a golf club that I purchased some years ago that is a cut down version of a club with a 30 degree kink and a weight to help practice the swing. The golf grip had a guide on how to grip the club and it seems to help.

But I was not interested in the golf swing as much as I was in trying to make money online. I have been doing stuff online but still needed help to get traffic and get a good niche to make money.

I looked up one day and saw that the snow had disappeared and I could hear birds chirping even through the windows. I said to myself, "self, you had better start going as the golf season is coming and you are not prepared!"

I began looking for another golf swing guide to help me. I found one I tried and it was OK but it still was not all inclusive. So I said to my self, "Self, combine all of these and pick out the best stuff for you!"

You notice I talk to myself a lot! Well you have a tendency to do that when you are stuck in the house all day and your only activity is talking to people on the Internet and watching the snow accumulate and melt.

Well, rather than bore you with more stuff, why not go to my blog and read my posts about what happened that cause my swing to deteriorate and what I have been doing to fix it.

It is a sliding slope as I try to do things and if they work I keep them and if they don't I drop them.

My scores are getting better but if you want to read about my progress then go to my blog and bookmark the page so you can read all of it. I have over 20 posts and it is growing more each day.

Again, I am by myself so I have a lot to say. Hopefully you will want to read it. If not it is YOUR loss. By the way, winter is approaching fast but the weather is holding up and we continue to play golf long after the league season ended. I am practicing with each round to see if there is something I can try to get better.

Although I must say that one guy in our group just got his first 79 ever and I have posted a 39 on the front nine the other day. So we are getting better with our golf swings as a group with all of the extra play we are doing.

But this info will be on the blog with more detail.

So, I hope I see you at my blog at Thanks,

Lou M.

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